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A Lesson in Leading Change

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
June 28, 2020

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  1. Which responsibility at home or work would you gladly give up? Never give up?


  2. Within the Jewish faith there were the Hebraic Jews (the ones from Palestine) and the Hellenistic Jews (from Greece and beyond). Both had turned to Jesus Christ, and yet still there was bias and favoritism shown, even within the church. Can you think of any modern-day examples of this ancient issue? Insiders vs. outsiders within the church?


  3. When the Apostles ran up against a problem they couldn’t solve, they brought in another set of leaders who were different than themselves, who were uniquely qualified to meet them. Name an example in your own life of someone brought alongside you to help you tackle a unique problem you were facing.


  4. It is interesting that Luke (the author of Acts) points out that “a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith” (verse 7). Why do you think that was? How might our witness draw the non-religious but the religiously hurt back to faith in Jesus Christ?


  5. The apostles were willing to lose their control to others in order to benefit the Kingdom of God. How closely do you hold on to your control? Where might God be asking you to release it in order to benefit his Kingdom?


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