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Missio Dei

Speaker: Kelly Hostetler
July 26, 2020
Pastor of Care and Families

Kelly Hostetler

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  1. Ours is a world full of boundaries. From No Trespassing signs to the rope that separates the shallow end of the pool from the deep end; from state and country borders to the railroad tracks that divide one part of town from the “other side of the tracks.” What are some boundaries that you grew up with, perhaps not even realizing what they separated until you were older?


  2. Peter and Cornelius both had dreams or visions that led them to act. Have you or someone you know ever had this kind of vision or dream that you knew was from God? Was the dream dismissed or acted upon? What was the result?


  3. In this story, the Holy Spirit moves Peter and Cornelius towards inclusion and the breaking down of barriers. As you consider the history of the church, can you think of times when it has been at the forefront of breaking down walls? At the back end?  Both?


  4. The Holy Spirit can sometimes have a hard time getting through our desire to stay the way we are – whether as individuals or as a body of believers. We can cling to tradition and order, when we know change might bring disorder and chaos. This is not an easy question, nor one that we likely have immediate answers for…but, it’s a good one for us to consider: Into what new reality might the Spirit be trying to move you, individually, or us as a church, right now, using the upheaval and chaos in our culture? What might we do to faithfully listen to the voice of the Spirit, as we move forward?


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