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Seventy Times Seven

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
September 13, 2020

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  1. Offenders in Jesus’ day were forgiven up to three times; a fourth offence need not be forgiven. What does Jesus’ answer say about forgiveness in the Kingdom of God?


  2. In refusing to extend mercy to others, what do we deny ourselves? What is the connection between forgiveness, health, and wholeness?


  3. Do we forgive others so God will forgive us, or does God forgive us so that we will have a forgiving attitude? Explain.


  4. “Matthew’s Gospel in general and this story in particular can lead us to believe that the most heinous sin of all is a refusal to forgive,” writes F. Dale Bruner. How has forgiveness been a part of your discipleship story?


  5. How can we forgive, yet not encourage, irresponsibility?


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