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The Cross of our Expectations

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
February 28, 2021

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Follow Along with the Message

  1. What do you do when someone says something you do not want to hear?
  2. Right before this passage (in verse 29), Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God. After that, the tone of the Gospel changes. How and why does it shift after Peter’s declaration, do you think?
  3. In some ways, this passage is a lesson in what happens when Jesus doesn’t live up to expectations. “It is dangerous business to limit God’s way of being in the world to what we desire,” Sarah Henrich writes. What expectations did you have of Jesus when you were beginning your life with him? How did Jesus do in living up to them? Were there any disappointments along the way? What turned out better than expected?
  4. How has your relationship with Jesus affected your lifestyle? Relationships? Priorities? Politics? Where does Jesus’ way conflict with your way? What do you stand to lose by following Christ? What do you stand to gain?


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