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The Folly of God

Speaker: Jeff Lincicome
September 20, 2020

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  1. Would you say you entered God’s kingdom early, in the middle or late in the day? Do you ever wish you had waited, or feel jealous or others who waited until “the five o’clock” hour?


  2. Why are identical wages given to both early and late workers? Who is grumbling and why? Is the land-owner’s practice unjust, generous, or both? Why?


  3. How do you feel about recent converts getting the same benefits as you in the kingdom? Do you ever envy God’s blessing on others? Why?


  4. In speaking of God, St. Augustine said, “In loving me, you made me lovable.” How does this image of God (who loves us simply because he chooses to love us) change our view of God? Of ourselves? What seed of hope does that offer?


  5. “No, the love of our God isn’t dignified at all, and apparently that’s the way he expects our love to be. Not only does he require that we accept his inexplicable, embarrassing kind of love, but once we’ve accepted it, he expects us to behave the same way with others.” –Brennan Manning. How might we emulate the landowners crazy grace with others around us today?


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