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The God Who Appeared Behind Closed Doors

Speaker: Tina Osterhouse
April 19, 2020
Director of Youth Ministry

Tina Osterhouse

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Follow Along with the Message

  1. It took some time for the news about Jesus rising from the dead to get around to all his followers and disciples. And like we saw in the story of Thomas it took faith to believe it. What do you think would have happened to all those who followed him if Jesus had not actually risen from the dead but had stayed in the tomb? 


  2. In the sermon, Tina talked about the important tension between faith and doubt, and the journey toward living by faith in the middle of paradox and mystery. In your own faith journey how has doubt and suffering shaped your faith experience? 


  3. After Jesus assures Thomas that he is in fact very much alive, Jesus says, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” Spend some time talking about how it is you came to believe in and put your trust in Jesus Christ.


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